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PowerScience© Secondary

 Science in the secondary level is a huge gap and jump for students who are moving into Secondary 1 - students are exposed to the subject on a much deeper level and your child will need to juggle between the 3 themes - Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 

This makes the learning and mastery of Science arduous as the content is heavier and students find themselves spending a bulk of their time on memorising concepts and notes. 

At our learning centre, we take a unique approach to help students manage and master the heavy content. Using mind maps and various pictorial illustrations, your child's ability to understand and score will be maximized.

The power of Visual Learning - Works if you know how, from us!

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Mind mapping, a form of visual outlining, may seem superficial, but once mastered it provides a powerful tool for managing information overload. Here at Simon Eio Learning Lab, students are taught the various effective ways to create a good mindmap.

Mindmaps are easy to comprehend, and students can manage and memorise the overwhelming amount of information through the use of association. Our mindmaps are designed in such a way that most chapters are interlinked with one another and students will find this beneficial.

Examples of how 10 to 20 pages of notes / textbook syllabus is condensed into one single concept map:

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Our unique approach to learning

Find out why and how are lessons are different and unique to each and every student. 

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Content Mastery

Build a strong foundation by understanding and grasping all the fundamentals of chemistry and physics

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Memory Techniques Mastery

Memory techniques are taught to aid students in memorising facts and theories efficiently

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Top notch answering techniques

Master and apply effective answering techniques enabling students to score more marks in the exams

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Independent Learning

Students are provided with concise learning notes, concepts maps, formula lists, answer keys and worked solutions

Our Secondary School Science Classes

  • Secondary 1 Science
  • Secondary 2 Science
  • Secondary 3 Chemistry
  • Secondary 3 Phyiscs
  • Secondary 3 Combined Sci (Phy/Chem)
  • Secondary 4 Chemistry
  • Secondary 4 Phyiscs
  • Secondary 4 Combined Sci (Phy/Chem)




Fast track your way to an A with our unique learning methodology - condensed content memorising. 

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