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Our tutors are highly experienced teachers who excel at what they do. They understand the different learning styles of students and customise methods of delivery to accelerate learning. 

Our Founder - Mr Simon Eio

Mr Simon Eio is a graduate in Math and Science from the National University of Singapore. He has been teaching Math for more than 20 years since 1986. His teaching style and methods were so uniquely interesting that he was selected by the Gifted Education Unit (Ministry of Education) to be one of the pioneer teachers for the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) housed in Raffles Institution, where he taught for 8 years. During this period, he systematised all the Math concept he had to teach. With his lively and powerful delivery of his lessons, he made Math learning both funfilled and easy to follow. 

In 1998, Mr Simon Eio set up his own learning centre and taught Math till the present day. He also authored 12 assesment books on Primary Math for EPH.

He is currently writing another series. Till date, about 400,000 copies of his books have been sold. A member of Singapore Mathematical Society, NUS and the Associaton of Mathematics Educator (AME), National Institute of Education, Mr Simon Eio is well-informed of every change in the Mathemmatics curriculum in the Primary, Secondary and Junior College level.

He constantly makes changes and revises his Math programme so that it is up-to-date, relevant and essential. His programme has been well received by many and will continue to make an impact in the lives of his pupils in the future.

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Mr Michael Leong

Michael Leong is a graduate from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering (Honors) with more than 15 years of tutoring experience since 2001. By incorporating analogies and personal experiences to the lessons, he makes difficult concepts simplified to help students understand them better.

With his dynamic methodologies, many of his students have achieved improvements in their grades in just 3 months of lessons. Today, Michael remains to be the passionate Chemistry Tutor he started out as, aiming to inspire his students to develop an interest in the subject and to develop ‘chemistry’ with Chemistry.

Mr Ryan Lim

Mr Ryan Lim is a graduate in Bachelor of Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). After teaching in Tao Nan & Cedar Primary for 5 years, he has been one of the leading main Science teacher for 3 years and is now the head of the Science curriculum in Simon Eio Learning Lab. He specialises in various levels, Primary Science to Secondary Science (S1-2 Science, Pure Physics & Combined Science).

His teaching methodologies are top notched with most of his students scoring As in the recent 2019 PSLE Science. His techniques and strategies highly effective, with many students find it easy to implement what he taught and scoring well for their exams.

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Ms Ong Li Jun

Ms Ong Li Jun is an NUS undergraduate, and is our top Primary Math Specialist.

An outgoing teacher with full of zest, she ensures class is enjoyable and attends to each of her student's weaknesses. She makes it a priority that her students are learning at a comfortable pace. While tracking each student's progress, she tailors her class structure to be in an interactive manner.
By executing tailored curriculum according to students' learning abilities, most of her students improved by at least 2 bands through her years of teaching.

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Mathematics and Science have always been our areas of specialty. In the teaching of mathematics, we adopt a lively and engaging approach, making use of audio-visual aids whenever appropriate. We seek to cover ... 

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