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Step-By-Step Math [EPH] 

Singapore’s Bestselling Mathematics Assessment Book in 2008

Step-by-Step Maths is a series of six books written in close accordance with the latest Primary Mathematics syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. 

Each book is designed with the following features:

  • Recall – Allows students to grasp basic mathematics concepts and skills learnt in school, so they will gain greater confidence in applying them.

  • Knowledge Application – Extends the basic concepts learnt and further enhances their understanding through routine tests and examination problems.

  • Process Skill Analysis – Exposes students to an array of strategies in solving challenging and non-routine problems, and thus shaping them into creative problem solver in Mathematics and in life.

Creatively fun activities such as puzzles, crosswords and riddles are incorporated through the book to stimulate interest and to liven up the learning process.

Revision Papers and Semestral Assessments are included to reinforce concepts learnt and to gauge students’ level of competency in the subject. The questions here will very likely appear in school examinations!

Learn OUR way to approach difficult questions-its simpler than you think!

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Step-By-Step Maths

Problem Solving Using Models

The Model Drawing Method is indeed a POWERFUL approach for problem solving as well as for learning mathematics concepts.

The Step-by-Step Maths Problem-Solving Using Models series for Primary 1 to Primary 6 is written to help students IDENTIFY problems UNDERSTAND the model types, PLAN steps for their solutions and arriving at ACCURATE ANSWERS.

This book is an excellent supplement for primary maths tuition, and is especially useful for lower primary levels as it supports the learning of abstract topics like fractions, ratio and percentages in the upper primary levels. Students, who use OUR model drawing methods well, score significantly better in PSLE in later years, than those who do not.

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