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PowerMath© Secondary

Mathematics in the secondary level plays an integral part of your child’s learning journey – especially in the upper secondary level, where your child will need to juggle between both Elementary and Additional Mathematics.

Our Secondary school maths tuition courses are carefully designed and crafted by our Founder, Mr Simon Eio, who is a long-established veteran in the field of mathematics.

What we DO

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Key Foundational Concept

Essential and important concepts in each topic are emphasized clearly and concisely to the pupils, bearing in mind the need for us to maximize our time with the pupils. Due to the one-week interval between lessons, all lessons are thoroughly enriched with content that ensures your child’s time here is well spent.

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Algebra Concept Enrichment (A.C.E)

As we believe algebra is the cornerstone of the entire secondary math syllabus, we see to it that every student is equipped with competent mastery of algebra. Thorough practice and guidance will be given weekly to ensure that students score 100% for all algebra related topics. 

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Methods Connection (M.C)

While ensuring pupils understand key concepts, we are committed to see that pupils acquire adequate skills in applying them effectively. To achieve this, we link the various solving methods to the types of problems encounter, thus enabling pupils to spend lesser time dwelling on a question, and more time actually solving problems effectively during examinations.

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Understanding, Practising! (U.P)

Every pupil’s understanding is our main priority. Our materials are designed with the sole aim of aiding pupils in understanding concepts. In each worksheet, there are questions of escalating difficulty, summary notes to help organize information, relevant formulae, and lastly, key answers and detailed worked solutions for the highly-acclaimed “Self-Practice Component”.

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Revisit, Review and Revise (RV3)

We regularly revisit, review and revise the concepts taught using up to date examination problems and quizzes. We use these revision practices to stretch pupils’ understanding on concepts, and also train abler pupils on extremely challenging problems. To further provide help to pupils when in need, after-class consultation is easily accessible to further furnish pupils with the techniques of solving Math problems.

Our Secondary School Math Classes

  • Secondary 1 Math
  • Secondary 2 Math
  • Secondary 3 Elementary Math
  • Secondary 3 Additional Math
  • Secondary 4 Elementary Math
  • Secondary 4 Additional Math




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