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Established since 1998, Simon Eio Learning Centre has been around as a math specialist for more than 20 years. Our Primary Math courses are carefully designed and crafted by our Founder, Mr Simon Eio, who was one of the pioneer teachers for the Gifted Education Program (GEP).

Our programs are continuously refined, year after year in accordance to the latest examination syllabus and format that is set out by the Ministry of Education (MOE). Backed by more than two decades of mathematics experience, most of our pupils move on to achieve their fullest potential.


Click on the video to watch how our Founder, Mr Simon Eio, uses interesting and easy to follow strategies to solve complex word problems.

Importance of Primary Math Tuition

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Lowest Passing Rate

Based on the latest education statistics furnished by the Ministry of Education, we can see that Mathematics has been the subject with the lowest passing rate amongst all 4 other subjects for the past 10 years. Students and parents alike has always find mathematics a huge struggle to understand, conceptualise and solve.

Source: MOE Education Statistics Digest 2018
Link: MOE 2018 Education Statistics

Why some students don't do well

Majority of students are taught to solve each question using only 1 method: “One-size fits all” methodology.

Students may only be equipped with problem solving strategy such as model drawing.

The rationale is – every child is unique and different.

Discover your child's unique learning style

Frequently Tested Question: 

Mrs Lee bought some lollipops to give to some children. If she gave them 5 lollipops each, she would have 4 left.

If she gave them 7 lollipops each, she would be short of 12.

How many lollipops did Mrs Lee buy?


Study the following methods of solving. Every child has a  preferred method that suits that best.


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